Geek Zone


The Geek Zone opens its imaginary world to you! Experience digital illustration with Wacom graphic designer tablets, travel back in time with geek anecdotes, renew your wardrobe with Wistitee's t-shirts and enjoy countless other surprises!
Flash Raccoon is in charge of this geek experience. Its aim is to showcase Belgian talent with conferences, projects and activities for the general public that use interactivity. Flash Raccoon is a team of 3 people with complementary profiles - Kamal, the Communications Raccoon; Julien, the Director Raccoon; Lyonel, the Graphics Raccoon - that support you in your audiovisual and graphic communication. 

Animations et ateliers

Activities at the stand

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Introduction to graphic tablets

Join Wacom at the Geek Zone to participate in an introduction to graphic tablet drawing.