The immersive experience

Ta-da! The Brussels Comic Strip Festival has turned into an immersive experience in the impressive Gare Maritime at Tour & Taxis. The route, spread over more than 3,400m² and combining breathtaking scenery and giant balloons, takes you on a journey through nine drawn worlds. It's an educational experience developed in collaboration with publishers and various partners.  

Curious? Follow the guide.

9 worlds

Bob et Bobette/Suske &Wiske (Willy Vandersteen / Standaard Uitgeverij)

You start your immersive journey with Spike & Suzy (Bob & Bobette in French, Suske & Wiske in Dutch). Professor Barabas welcomes you in his strange laboratory. It is here that the famous duo reveals the secrets that link them to Brussels. What's more, Spike & Suzy are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year! It's a great opportunity to discover the new giant balloon bearing their faces. You can also see the heroes in their famous car “Vitamitje” (Vitaminette in French), one of professeur Barabas’ thousands of inventions, which appeared for the first time in the album “De sprietatoom” (le Rayon Magique in French) in 1946. 

Yakari (Joris Chamblain, Job & Derib / Le Lombard)

A very different world reveals itself to you here; that of Yakari. By the new giant Yakari balloon and in the setting of a real native American village, you learn the history of Yakari and his people. They have a rich past, full of history and legends, and have a lot to teach us about respect for nature and ecological values.

Yasmina (Wauter Mannaert / Dargaud) (French)

Go for a stroll through the big vegetable garden belonging to Yasmina. Salads, pumpkins, carrots, edible plants, ... Yasmina, a talented young chef, gives you her tips for "good food".

Lucien et les mystérieux phénomènes (Le Lay & Horellou / Casterman) (French)

Discover the unique decor of Lucien et les mystérieux phénomènes (Lucien and the mysterious phenomena). Do you know Art Nouveau? Inside Mr Price's splendid building you will learn more about this architectural and artistic movement. The art of "living together" is also a theme specific to his world.

Alternative comic strips

Ten young Belgian authors present their wonderful worlds. An exhibition introduces you to alternative comic strips with original works by Charlotte Pollet, Mortis Ghost, Gabri Molist, Aniss El Hamouri, Felix Laurent, Exaheva, Aurélie Wilmet, Rebecca Rosen, Stéphane de Groef and Mathilde Van Gheluwe. Each author edited a comic strip with alternative comics publishers. 

Star Wars – 501st FanWars Garrison South Belgium

Welcome to a galaxy far, far away. FanWars and its garrison of empire soldiers accompanies you through a decor filled with a 6m AT-AT and a giant BB8 balloon, both well-known to Star Wars fans around the world.

Korean Webtoons – The Korean Cultural Center

What is a Webtoon? They're digital comics which are loved by Koreans. Discover this new trend thanks to the Korean Cultural Center in Brussels.

L’Elève Ducobu (Zidrou et Godi / Le Lombard)

It’s the perfect opportunity (or not) to go back to school. Ducobu, the nation's favourite dunce, welcomes you to his classroom and gives you some tips on how to cheat. You never know, they could come in handy…

Gaston (Franquin / Dupuis)

At a time when teleworking is in vogue, discover the unlikely office of Gaston Lagaffe and his zany inventions. But how does he ever get any work done?

The giant balloons and Billy and Buddy’s 2CV

Your comic strip stroll is accompanied by about fifteen giant balloons distributed all along the route. You'll find the stars of the Balloon Parade floating in the heart of the majestic Gare Maritime at Tour & Taxis. Ducobu, Spirou, Tintin, a Classic Smurf, Papa Smurf, Lucky Luke, Gaston Lagaffe, BB8, Blork, Le Chat, Billy, Yakari (new 2020), Spike & Suzy (new 2020), Dooly, Toto and the Atomium… they're all here. Even Moucherot, the hero of our 2020 poster by François Boucq, will make an appearance for this edition.

Exclusive! The Comics Art Museum has also brought out Billy & Buddy’s 2CV.

Filigranes shop

A 200m² souvenir shop, operated by Filigrane, awaits you at the end of the exhibition. Pick up a comic book or a souvenir of your favourite hero. Get a free copy of the Brussels Graphic Mook with every purchase.

In order to enjoy an optimal experience in compliance with health regulations, you must book your time slot in advance.

Practical information
Location: Tour & Taxis, Gare Maritime
Date: 11-20 September 2020
Price: free of charge – registration mandatory (time slot must be booked)

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