The GREENPEACE Oceans Gallery


Through its international campaign "Protect The Oceans", Greenpeace wants to draw attention to the need to protect our oceans, lungs of our planet. To enforce this protection, Greenpeace calls on all governments negotiating a new Global Oceans Treaty within the framework of the United Nations to establish a global network of marine reserves that safeguards at least 30 percent of our oceans by 2030.
As part of this campaign, Greenpeace launched the # drawthisinyourstyle challenge and asked well-known Belgian comic book artists and cartoonists to create an impression of the Lost City, a mysterious place at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean that is threatened by deep-sea mining companies hunting for the precious minerals that can be found there.
We present the surprising results of this initiative at the Greenpeace Oceans Gallery.
Get ready for an oceanic experience with chapter and verse, a sound and light show, creative workshops, lost Smurfs, great prizes and an inspiring Greenpeace talk about the importance of defending our oceans.

Animations et ateliers

Activities at the stand

Friday, Saturday

Workshop "Drawing in deep waters"

Let your imagination run wild and draw a picture of underwater life - who knows, you might even get an idea of what life at the bottom of Lost City

Friday, Saturday, Sunday


Get photographed on Greenpeace's 7-meter Zodiac boat against the backdrop of the legendary Rainbow Warrior. 

Saturday, Sunday


For a few minutes, immerse yourself in a stunning 360-degree video experience wearing a virtual reality helmet.