Balloon’s Day Parade

Sunday  - 
10:00 - 15:00

Place des Palais

As in every year, an extra balloon will enter the parade. Come and see the inflation of our friends at the Place des Palais, from the morning onwards. Then walk around with them through the streets of Brussels and watch the deflation at the end of the loop!

Le parcours : Place des Palais > Rue Ducale > Rue de la Loi > Rue des Colonies > Cantersteen > Place de l’Albertine > Boulevard de l’Empereur > Place de l’Albertine > Mont des Arts > Rue Montagne de la Cour > Place Royale > Place des Palais.

Sunday 15 September: 

10am - 3.00pm: Balloon inflation at Place des Palais 

3.00pm: Balloon's Day Parade leaves 

6.00pm Arrival and end of Parade at Place des Palais